What Sparks the Light in You? How to Build Your Own Business

You have to know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.
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What Sparks the Light in You?  How to Build Your Own Business

As a single mother and a working professional who keeps up the house and volunteers and has to help with homework and sometimes work overtime, I KNOW how precious time is.  Time is something you never get back.  If you miss an event in the life of your child, it is OVER.  No getting it back.  I always think of the scene in the movie Hook where the Peter Pan character, Robin Williams, is missing all of his son’s little league games and so he sends a staff member to video tape it.  It is just NOT THE SAME!  And like this boy in the movie, your kids may resent the time you spend at work or your volunteer activities.  I HATE when my kids resent the time I have to spend to pay for groceries!

But what can you do, right?  You HAVE to have a job to pay for necessities, don’t you?   

That’s what I thought too.  That is, until I met some people who showed me YOU CAN MAKE A LIVING WITHOUT A JOB DOING SOMETHING YOU LOVE!

WHAT?  That’s crazy talk.  That is just not possible.  

But it is.  

Like you, I’ve listened to all these get-rich-quick schemes.  I tried real estate and then the market bottomed out and I had two foreclosures for investments that ‘couldn’t lose money.’  Like you, I’ve had to borrow money from friends and family to make some financial obligations.  And like you, I looked and looked for a solution.  

What is the Solution?

The Free Range Human

The Free Range Human


The SOLUTION is an out-of-the-box business that has all the set up done for you.  You do a few simple things, and you are in business!  It is something that 12-year old Jesse has done and made more than $12,000 in 4 short months.  It is something that baby boomer Keith, the Free Range Human has FINALLY figured out and has working now.  My friends Ellie and Carol tell us “It’s not rocket science.”  

I know that if these people can do it, YOU can do it too!  

Carol and Ellie on Stage

Carol and Ellie on Stage

So What Sparks the Light in You?

What do you love?  It’s okay if you don’t know right now.  If you’re like me, it took me a little while to figure it out.  Many people are so busy doing what they ‘need’ to do, they don’t take the time to figure out what fills them with happiness.  But you can still get started in your business while you figure that part out, (and I have tools to help you figure that part out!)  You can start TODAY building a business that will give you that time freedom you desire.  I can show you a business that you can build part-time, while still in your cubicle.  And maybe you, like my friend Lawrence Tam, can make more in a month at this business than you make in a year at your job!  


What Do I Need to Do to Get Started?

Tam Teaches Blogging

Lawrence Tam – Retired at 33


Are you ready to get started?  TRULY ready to build the life of your dreams?  Then click the link below and join me.   I have a How To Build Your Business in 90-Day Program for those people who have no idea how to get started.  Believe me, you want this program!  

When you join my team, this program will come to you as an added Bonus, because I remember my first 90 days and they were AWFUL!  I didn’t know what was important and what wasn’t.  I was overwhelmed.  When you join me, I help you with a day-by-day, step-by-step program that helps you through in the right order the things that you should be doing in the order they should be done.  Learn from my mistakes and don’t try this on your own!  My How To Build Your Business in 90-Day Program will help you navigate the information overload you’ll get and keep you on the right track, right from the start!  

Click the link below and let’s get started!  

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Leslie Lane Peabody is a visionary leader, a Vlogger, a coach, and Mom to three busy teenage boys! She helps you create a business that works - even when you don't! Send Leslie a message and find out how to get your business working FOR you too!

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10 Comments on “What Sparks the Light in You? How to Build Your Own Business

  1. Very powerful message for anyone who wants to escape the rat-race and become an active part of the family again. You need to work to live, but when you live to work you miss out on the life you could have if you only looked around.

    • So true, Don! Thank you for sharing your comments. You miss out on so much when you aren’t in control of your daily activities. Great comments!

  2. There truly is a better way Leslie! I have been working from home since my kids were born and I’m so thankful not to miss out on time with them. It’s powerful that you can share this with other people and help to free them too! x

    • Thanks for your comments Emily. It is so cool you are working from home since your kids were born. It is great not to miss out on time with them. Congrats to you for finding a way! EVERYONE can find a way if they want to!

  3. Hey Leslie yes time is very precious and we are in business to become FREE to do what we want with our time. Great examples you gave I love this 12 years old boy! Thank you

    • I love the 12-year old boy too! Although he might be 14 by now! And the last time we connected, he was still doing amazing! Time is one of the few things we can never get back. When its gone, its gone! Thanks for your comments!

  4. Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for this powerful and inspiration post!
    We are just starting also and SO MANY times find ourselves to feel tired of trying. But we wont give up. We hope to see our first money soon and then it’s only way to go up!
    Thank you for your motivation :)

    • Congratulations Kart and Agur! Do NOT give up! Only those who continue their path EVER succeed. I’m so happy for you! Take this tip to heart! David Wood has never really used paid advertising. He has only blogged and that’s how he has built his empire. Good luck to you! I know you’ll see your first dollars coming in soon!

    • You DO have to have a big WHY. One that makes you cry! Thanks for your comments Sheena!

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