What Do You FEAR the Most?

How to Overcome Your Fears
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What Do You FEAR the Most?


Most of us fear things in our lives.  

We might fear spiders or snakes,
we might fear being alone,
we might fear heights.

Watch my video about MY biggest fears . . . 

How to Overcome Fear

Once you’ve identified your fears,
you can now learn how to overcome your fear.

Overcoming fear or conquering fear isn’t always easy,
and I’m not a trained counselor,
but I do know how to conquer fear,
and least I know how I conquered my fear!  

Let’s first talk about how you FEEL
when you are conquering your fears.  

Some of us have panic attacks.
You might call the anxiety attacks.  

I feel it in the pit of my stomach,
right around my belly button.  

I also feel a general unease.
Sometimes the anxiety attack
feels like I’ve heard a heart attack feels!  

And I’m not alone, and you aren’t either.  


Here is a list of the TOP 7 FEARS:   

Top 7 List of Fears

List of Fears

I love how the fear of public speaking
affects more of us,
or at least affect us more seriously,
than the fear of death!

(Soure: Steve M. Nash.  I LOVED his picture of spiders!  CREEPY!  ) 

People equate the fear of doing videos
to the fear of public speaking.

So if you have a fear of public speaking,
if you have a fear of doing videos,
if you understand how this is holding you back from growing your business,
then this blog is for you!

It will help you overcome your fear!


How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

I’m not a counselor, I don’t help people with serious
and debilitating fears, but I do know what helped me
in conquering my fears, in overcoming my fears.    

Doing a video challenge!  

I did a 50 video in 48 hour challenge . . . 

And it changed my life!  

It changed my life because I no longer feared doing videos.
I didn’t care what I looked like, I didn’t care if it was perfect,
I didn’t care to edit the video.  I learned to do videos on the fly,
and be okay with them. 

My Story About Overcoming Fear of Videos

I was at a mastermind group in Las Vegas.
A bunch of marketers had gotten together
and the leaders were teaching the rest of us.
One of the skills they were teaching was
how to do better videos.  My coach was Brian Couch.   

Did I just agree to do 50 videos in 48 hours?

Hamming it up with Brian Couch

Brian is a young man that is traveling the world,
living off the income he makes with the
same system I was just beginning to use.  

He had made it work for him, so I was going
to listen and see how he could help me
make it work too.  

After Brian taught us how to do videos,
he gave us a challenge.

A 50 videos in 48 hour video challenge!

YIKES  !  !   !

I told him I didn’t have time to do the challenge
until I got home.  I was working the 1500 person event.

Brian wasn’t having any of that!

He told me just to do it.  It would take only about 2 hours to do 50 2-3 minute videos and if I really wanted to grow my business, I would do it!
(and he would unfriend me on Facebook if I didn’t!)


Watch this video here and see what happened to me:  


Yes.  I did it!  

As a busy Mom, I found it FREEING!  I could just do a video and put it up,
no editing required.

Other people LIKE to see videos that are raw, that are real.  
It lets them know that you don’t have to be perfect to create a business with video.

THAT in incredibly freeing!

Not only did it help me with videos, but it helped me give myself

I (usually) no longer spend more time worrying about doing something.
I just step out and do it!

And as you heard in the first video, I try to do that more with my clients and my children too.  I “Muther” you instead of “Mother” you sometimes.

We all need to be stronger than our excuses,
be BIGGER than our excuses, and just get that stuff done!


How Can You Do This For Yourself?


What can I really say but . . . just do it!

You don’t have to do this alone!  

If you want to do a video challenge,
I will do it with you!

We can do a 50 video in 48 hour video challenge,
or a 30 videos in 30 day challenge.
You tell me what you’d be willing to do!  
Either one is great, but I highly recommend the
50 videos in 48 hours.

When you are doing that many videos in that short of a time,
you get REALLY good and just doing them.
Just turning on the camera to get it done,
and that is how you catapult yourself
from average to above average,
that is how to conquer fear.

You chew it up and spit it out!

Now you KNOW you need to do this if you are still reading,
You NEED to do this video challenge!

Do you want me to do this WITH you?

Post your commitment in the comments below
And I will do the challenge WITH you ! ! !

Please like, share, and comment if this helped YOU in some way.
Everyone LOVES the person who helped them!
Be someone who shares that ONE TIDBIT that helps your friends!

In the meantime


The Ninja in High Heels


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12 Comments on “What Do You FEAR the Most?

  1. I don’t know my biggest fears in order — I’m not comfortable flying, meeting strangers in a large crowd, financial crash in the world again. Enjoyed your video Leslie. Isn’t Brian a great guy?

    • Brian IS a great guy! Those are some great fears Carol! Thanks so much for sharing! I always appreciate you!


  2. I avoided doing videos for years. But have started doing them since April 20 of this year and have to admit…Video Marketing is Powerful! Thank you Leslie!

    • Right, Rory! Video is SO POWERFUL! I’m doing videos every day now. Really makes a difference. Thanks for sharing your insights too!

    • Thanks Steve. It was a little bit scary to share like that! YIKES! But when you share, other people feel like you are more real.

  3. Fear is natural, giving in to the fear isn’t. Thanks for sharing.

    • I like that quote Daniel! Very cool! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Jelena! It was a little scary at first! Appreciate you sharing a little about you too!

  4. Thank you for this.
    I think we all have fears. I guess we face them all differently. Thanks for sharing some strategies of facing them.

    • I so agree, Lisa! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insights. I do believe we all face them differently!

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