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Are You a BRAND Yet?

Are You a Brand Yet

Why don’t most people buy generic?

It is often made by the same companies

In the same place . . .


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The Poop Fairy . . . And Other Poopy Stories

The Poop Fairy . . .

In honor of Poop Week (that’s like Shark week)
I’m writing a blog of Poop stories.

Yep. You heard that correctly. POOP WEEK.

I know what you are thinking,
“What is this crazy lady talking about?”

It’s poop week in my company!

What does that mean . . . .
You probably know that I LOVE learning . . .

I love taking that advice and using it . . .

But these past two days have been HYSTERICAL!

Poop stories every day!

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5 Secrets of Successful People

5 Secrets of Successful People

5 Secrets of Successful People   That’s how the article started.  And it is TRUE!  No matter who I know who is HUGELY successful, they all have the…

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How to Grow Your Business

Never Stop!

#1 Secret to Success – EVERYTIME

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Are you a quitter


Secret Tool to Grow YOUR BUSINESS Using Other People’s Stuff

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The most important tool I’ve found to build my business is my blog! But all blogs are NOT created equally! Find out about the Viral Blogging System and just what IT can do FOR YOU!

This is the story of two woodcutters . . . . have you heard it yet?

Ninja Nugget | Sharpen Your Ax!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Everyone want to know How to Grow Your Business or How to Make Money from Home. I created this Ninja Nugget on Sharpen Your Ax. There were two men cutting wood . . .