Number 5 is my Favorite . . . Top 5 Reasons to Attend Live Events

This is me volunteering at an event!
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Top Five Reasons to Attend Live Events!

This is me volunteering at an event!

This is me volunteering at an event!

You are STRUGGLING to run your business.  

You can’t find CUSTOMERS, you can’t find new REPS.  

You can’t understand WHY!  

Join me this weekend, as my friends and I attend this 
AWESOME LIVE EVENT! for just $1!

Here are my 5 favorite reasons to attend events:

1.  Leaders attend events – and speak!  

If you want to learn their stories, you need to attend.  I LOVE hearing that the people I see speaking STRUGGLED just like me!  And by watching these people, my mind shifted and I realized that I could do it too.

2.  Events affect you EMOTIONALLY.  

When I REALLY listen online, I TOTALLY CONNECT with what is happening.  

I put my family on notice that I am at an event, and while I’m at the house, I lock myself in my room as if I were attending physically, put the event on my TV, and take notes and chat on my computer.  

I am TOTALLY FOCUSED on the events, in a way I never am when I’m working CAST (volunteering) so I get SO MUCH out of them.  I FEEL what the speaker is talking about.  My BELIEF goes through the roof!  

3.  Events MOTIVATE me!  

I NEED that shot of motivation every 90 days or so.  Events get me blogging again, get me focused on doing the RIGHT THINGS because I sometimes get lost in ‘busy’ during those 90 days between events.  Do you?  

4.  Events help me CONNECT with new people.

When I’m watching the chat roll on a Livestream, I can immediately reach out to people on Facebook who have said something I want to follow up on.  I send them a chat and then know that I can pick that up again later when the event is over. So I can stay focused on the event, but create a Facebook chat for those relationships I want to pursue.  I find new mastermind partners, new techniques I want to hear about, success stories I want to blog about, all those things, and they can be a quick note to follow up on after the event . . .

5.  An Event CHANGED MY LIFE!  

The last Livestream event was in January.  

I participated in it from my bedroom couch.  And it TRULY CHANGED MY LIFE.  

I decided at that event my business was going to change.  They offered a coaching program that I jumped on, and when I took that program, MY BUSINESS INCREASED 768% in two short weeks!  

Events are POWERFUL!  

Change YOUR Life – Come to Our Next Event This Weekend!

Our next event starts this Friday and I want YOU to BE THERE! And you can – for just $1.   Spend $1, lock yourself in your office or your bedroom with your laptop, rent a hotel room if you need to, but BE THERE!  

It just might change your business,

like it changed mine . . . 

Leslie Lane Peabody
The Ninja in High Heels

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Leslie Lane Peabody is a visionary leader, a Vlogger, a coach, and Mom to three busy teenage boys! She helps you create a business that works - even when you don't! Send Leslie a message and find out how to get your business working FOR you too!

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