Ninja Nugget | Sharpen Your Ax!

This is the story of two woodcutters . . . . have you heard it yet?
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Ninja Nugget | Sharpen Your Ax

This is the story of two woodcutters.  They are both chopping wood.


The first woodcutter works all day long.  He works non-stop.  He is ceaseless in his efforts.  At the end of the day, he gets a very respectable pile of wood cut.  

Then he looks over at the stack of wood the other man completed.

This stack is MASSIVE!

It reaches to the sky.

The first woodcutter is VERY DISAPPOINTED!

It seemed like every time he looked over at the second woodcutter,
he was sitting down – NOT WORKING!

How did that lazy bum get more wood than he did!

He couldn’t believe it!

The The first woodcutter asked the second woodcutter,
“How is this possible?”

The second woodcutter said,
“When you thought I was just sitting around, I was really just SHARPENING MY AX.”

This leads me to one of my favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln

Are YOU Sharpening Your AX?

I LOVE this story and I use it often to REALLY illustrate the importance of personal development – or sharpening your ax.

The most successful people in the world are constant learners.  But if you are like me, you don’t know where to find that great material to learn from every day.  Then I found the Daily Shortcut. The Daily Shortcut is delivered to my e-mail inbox each morning by 9 am ET, Monday through Friday.  I simply click on the link, download the PDF, and watch the video while I’m filling out the PDF to cement in my learning.  It takes me less than 30 minutes most days.  Then I download the audio from the exact same place and listen to it several more times each day on my way to work or while cooking for the family.  

I gave you a copy of the Daily Shortcut Episode 101 – How to Become Rich and Free so you’d see exactly what I’m talking about.

Take just 15 minutes for today’s episode to do this right now so you can experience it for yourself.  


Next Steps

If you know people who aren’t where they need to be in life . . .  

If they aren’t earning six figures in a business that takes just a few hours a day,

If they can’t take their family on those fantastic vacations whenever they want,

If they  can’t walk away from a job to care for a sick or dying loved one,  

Please SHARE this article with them.  

People LOVE people who share great information with them!  

Go ahead.  Share it now! 

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