Ninja Nugget – Help! I’m drowning in Social Media!

Which Social Media Do I Choose?
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Ninja Nugget – Help!  I’m drowning in Social Media!

Social media takes TIME . . . .

And do we really have to use ALL of them . . . 

Today I answer that most frequently asked question . . .



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Leslie Lane Peabody is a visionary leader, a Vlogger, a coach, and Mom to three busy teenage boys! She helps you create a business that works - even when you don't! Send Leslie a message and find out how to get your business working FOR you too!

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15 Comments on “Ninja Nugget – Help! I’m drowning in Social Media!

    • It is easy to get overwhelmed, Michael. So picking one and adding video is the easiest way to get it done without feeling a need to do EVERYTHING!

    • I do agree Heidi. Pick one and master it. Once you master one, it is easy to keep it going. But at a certain level, you might not want to do multiple. For instance, video. If you are doing a 20 minute training video, you wouldn’t necessarily want to do it on Facebook Video and then turn around and do it again on Periscope. But you could do it on one of those platforms and then share it to YouTube, for instance. So while I add things that make sense, I don’t duplicate efforts. If I were doing BOTH Periscope and Facebook video, I would alternate videos – one type on Facebook Video and one type on Periscope for instance.

    • I agree, Cortez. And then you are perhaps dealing with diminishing returns. I know a lot of the same people follow on on Instagram who are friends with me on Facebook, etc. Often it is mostly the same audience.

    • Thanks Paul! Getting out of overwhelm is SOOOOO important! Appreciate your comments!

  1. Boy have I been there! That overwhelming feeling just brings you to a complete halt and nothin gets done. Thanks for sharing this Leslie! You’re awesome.

  2. Great tip Leslie! I focus on Twitter and spend a little amount of time on Instagram :)

    • That’s a great plan, Philip. If you focus on Twitter, I would hope that you also do videos. Twitter and Periscope go hand in hand! I have a great Periscope Guide if you want it. Send me a message on Facebook – Leslie Lane Peabody – and I’ll get it for you (or anyone who else who wants it).

  3. Great post Leslie. Definitely social media can be overwhelming at times so it is best to find one or even two and master it before moving on to others. Thanks for sharing :)

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