Lead Like a Muther . . . Or is it Mother

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Lead Like a Muther — or is it Mother?

Leadership Skills for Parents

Lead Like a Muther, or it it Mother

So many skills we learn as parents transfer directly from those babies room to the boardroom.  It doesn’t matter their age, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have – running a business is just like parenting!

And just like parenting, there are times when you are nurturing and empathetic, and times when you need to let those you love experience some logical consequences and use some ‘tough love’.    

Laugh with me while I compare the world of parenting to the world of business – big business and small.  Think back to your own life of parenting, or being parented, and learn to start relating those stories, stories about family life, to the life of business!  That’s why I love this cover so much.  You see June Cleaver from the 1950’s Leave it to Beaver, to the motorcycle mama on the apron itself.  I LOVED when this was created for me.  It really pulled in the ‘mother’ versus the ‘muther’ side of parenting – and managing!  

Lead Like Muther, or is it Mother is in the pre-sale stage right now and will soon be available to you in e-book, or printed format.  Pre-order your copy now!