It’s Never Too Late to Start – 9 Brilliantly Creative Women Who Didn’t Make It Until After 40!

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It’s Never Too Late to Start – 9 Brilliantly Creative Women Who Didn’t Make It Until After 40!


When you read about people starting a new business, do you think because you are over 40 that it’s too late to start something new – that you are too old!

Well, take a look at these 9 Brilliantly Creative Women Who Didn’t Make It Until After 40 and get motivated to start our own business now – no matter what your age!


  1. Wedding Dress

    Wedding Dress


    Vera Wang – was a senior fashion editor for 15 years. In 1989, when Vera was 40 years old and planning her own wedding, she started thinking about opening up her own bridal boutique because she was frustrated with the lack of design options for brides. Vera sketcher her own gown and had it made (for $10,000 big ones!)  Then, in 1990, Vera secured capital from her father and opened her first bridal boutique in New York City and the Carlyle Hotel. Now, 15 years later, Vera Wang is a well-known designer and has boutiques all of the world – and employs about 200 people.


  1. Restaurant Sign

    Restaurant Sig

    Julia Child – didn’t even learn to cook until she was 36! Julia worked as a research assistant in a government intelligence agency in Washington DC during World War II. Her husband eventually was stationed in Paris at the U.S. embassy. After taking a six-month French cooking course, Julia created her own cooking school with two friends and they created the cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The book was a best seller for the next five years! The following year, Julia’s cooking show The French Chef began airing on TV and was syndicated to 96 stations throughout the United States.


  1. Nina Zagat – the famed restaurant critic started out as a corporate lawyer. She also took cooking classes while in Paris at the same cooking school as Julia Child, while she continued working. Her husband was a foodie, before the term was coined!  Nina and her husband moved back to New York and started asking friends for opinions about restaurants.   In 1982, they had created a business and published their first guide. Their guide began outselling the New York Times guide and they began expanding to other cities. By 1987, her husband had quit his law career to focus on the business full time. At the age of 48, in 1990, Nina quit her job as well.


  1. Hollywood Sign

    Hollywood Sign

    Viola Davis – even actresses can make it big after 40! At 43, Viola received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Doubt, opposite Meryl Streep. Viola now stars in How to Get Away With Murder on ABC.


  1. Toni MorrisonAt 46 years old, she finally making things happen with her third book Song of Solomon. Before she became an author at the age of 39, she was an editor, an English teacher, and a single mom to two boys.  While her first book, The Bluest Eye, was embraced by critics when it was published, it did not sell well. Sula, her second novel, was nominated for an American Book Award. But that third book won the National Books Critics Award.


  1. Lucille Ballour beloved Lucy was 40 years old when the first season of I Love Lucy aired in 1951. Lucy appeared in over 70 films including extra work and small part, and even starring in B movies. But she still failed to achieve her dreams of stardom. Lucy and her husband Desi eventually created the television production company Desilu and they create I Love Lucy. Not was Lucille Ball a star, she was the first woman to head up a television production company!Ball is one of my sheroes!  She is a mother who was ALSO successful at business.  And she did it in the public eye.  She is the story of someone who didn’t give up!  She was 12 when she first started acting in a play for her step grandfather.  She was signed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and was a B-movie actress for years.  But she wasn’t making it big.  She had to take on side work as a radio personality.But we all know that eventually she did make it big, and she did it in a way that is remembered even today.  She bucked all the trends and NEVER GAVE UP!  She owned a television studio, she had her first baby just a month shy of turning 40 when most women of that time had their first baby in their late teens or twenties.  Ball was a determined lady and she shows us what can happen if we NEVER GIVE UP!  


  1. Nora EphronNora was 48 year old when she became a Hollywood Legend and When Harry Met Sally Prior to that, she was a reporter for The New York Post and a write for Good Houskeeping.


  1. Liz Claiborne – At the age of 47, Liz launched her fashion line. She had profits of $23 million within two years and went public in 1981. She hit the Fortune 500 in 1986 – the first time a company founded by a woman had made the list!  Liz waited until her child reached the age of 18 and was able to support himself before she took off on her endeavor. She shows us we CAN have it all – and in spades!


  1. Arianna Huffington – This woman is my true inspiration! At the age of 53, she ran for Governor of California – and lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger. She knew the future was the internet and knew she needed a new plan. At 53, she launched Arianna On-Line and become among the first female internet bloggers. She relaunched her site to become The Huffington Post two years later. Her best advice to women who want to succeed – get more sleep! I think I have a girl crush!



Are You Inspired Yet?


Reading the stories of these women truly inspires me to take more action to create the life of my dreams – today. Are you ready to create the life of your dreams?

Let me show you how to become a blogger, like Arianna Huffington, and create your own blog site. You never know, you might be creating the next Huffington Post!

Watch this video and and find out how people like my friends and me create a business, no matter what our age, and we do it from anywhere we want.  Just think of what you can accomplish if you never give up like Lucy didn’t.  Think about living your passion, and creating the life of your dreams.    Watch the video here.  


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24 Comments on “It’s Never Too Late to Start – 9 Brilliantly Creative Women Who Didn’t Make It Until After 40!

  1. I believe age does not matter, as long as you have desire, a vision, and willingness to pursue your dream, things will happen!

    • I agree with you Lorraine,
      Age is an excuse people give to not do anything about their situation and i am proudly 40 and running with it yayyy! Lets get it life truly does begin at 40 and we ladie are leading the dance…Leslie I loved this post and these women…Awww My girl crush too Arianna Huffington…Not just because she loves travel but because she went out and made it work! WTG :)

      • I’m glad you have a girl-crush too! Isn’t she awesome! These are some awesome women! Men can succeed after 40 as well!

  2. So true, Lorraine! Age doesn’t matter. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us!

    • There is a LOT of hope for you Stephanie! And anyone else who is committed to making it work!

  3. It is never too late when you still have a dream and the motivation to make it happen!!!

  4. That’s very inspiring, Leslie! It’s never too late to start something that you’re passionate about. Thank you for sharing these stories!

    • Thanks Jelena! I’m always inspired by stories of other people who made it, and what it took for them!>

  5. oh my goodness, 40? that is young! And I’m glad you are sharing these inspiring stories of these amazing women Leslie. I know that age doesn’t mean anything. It is what we believe and what we desire in life. I will be turning 60 next year (can’t even believe that) and nothing has stopped me from making a decision 2 1/2 years ago that has completely changed my life. and I’m loving it. Thanks again for sharing your passion!

    • Age AIN’T nothing but a number – whether you feel too young or too old! Doesn’t matter – NO EXCUSES!

  6. This is one awesome post…age is just a number it’s all about mindset and belief…Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thank you, Gary! Age is just a number. Mindset and belief matter. I keep telling my kids I’m only 20. Today I was told at a conference that I look like I’m 30. I was told by someone on Facebook last week that I looked 27. So my mindset seems to be working — at least on strangers!

  7. I needed to read this post so bad because sometimes I have to sit in meditation to help me stay calm and patient for wanting results fast. I am going to take my time and persist without exception. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great blog Leslie. It is so inspiring and motivating at this same time knowing that there is always the time for us to go and make a change in our life. True is that the age is no a problem or limitation, it is just a number. So comforting, isn’t it?

  9. Leslie this was sooo inspiring. I felt hope come alive in the 57 year old soul of mine. I had lunch a few years ago with an 80-year old real estate investor who told me she didn’t sell her first property until she was 50. Now she’s a millionaire. Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to syndicate this for you.

  10. Love this post Leslie. I know life doesn’t end at 40 but I didn’t realize that it actually began at 40 for so many women. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Super interesting list. Age is totally irrelevant to success. Thanks for compiling this list :-)

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