How to Get Your Audience to ENGAGE with Your Posts!

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How to Get Your Audience to ENGAGE with Your Posts!

Do you sometimes hear crickets when you post something on Facebook? It’s because you need to build a better connection with your audience?
No kidding! But how do I do that?It’s not actually very different from hosting a good party . . .


In order to get people to buy products and services from you online,  people need to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.
If you feel like people are not really paying attention to you and you don’t have a strong following, here are a few tips.  Today’s Ninja Nugget!  


Many times we try to make a Facebook post, for example, that we think EVERYONE would like, instead of making a post for our best friend Mark.  If you make a post for your best friend Mark, you’ll ‘sound’ like you.  You’ll use language that connects.  You’ll use a friendly tone.  You’ll share humor.  Don’t worry that no one else will feel included.  How often have you been involved in an intense discussion at a party, and other people come around to see what was so enthralling about your conversation?  It happens all the time.  So speak to Mark when you write your social media post.

Now that we’ve established we will be talking to ‘Mark’, a lot of you will still struggle with what do you say to Mark?  That’s easy too.  What do you talk about when you go out for beers or coffee?  You probably talk about your families, you might talk about your love life, I’m sure you’ll talk about your work.   And eventually, you’ll get down to the PROBLEMS that Mark is having today, and you’ll give him some thoughtful advice about how to solve that problem. That’s all you’ll do on a blog or social media post.  Give Mark advice about how to solve his problem of the day.


Do you disappear from social media for days, weeks, even months on end?

That’s the next most common problem I see. People stopped showing up.  If you are REALLY a good friend to Mark, you probably see him or speak to him quite regularly.  That is the same relationship you need to have with your ‘Invisible Friend Mark’ on social media.  He’s not going to be your friend very long if you go for long periods of time without talking to him.  Friendships require CONNECTION.  Spend some time on a regular basis with him.  

I was speaking to a client yesterday.  She did a video challenge a few months back and was doing videos each and every day. When the challenge was over, she stopped posting on her social media. Her life got busy.  She DISAPPEARED from social media.  People would ask her if she was okay, what was going on in her life.   They MISSED her!

Now, about four months later, she is having to RESTART her efforts and it feels strange.  Even when your life is busy, you MUST show up!  You must POST on a regular basis.

NINJA NUGGET:  If you don’t know what to post every day, subscribe to my CONTENT CREATION CALENDAR.  Each month I’ll send you ideas about what to post every day on social media.   

True friendships mean that sometimes you GO TO MARK’S HOUSE.   You visit him there.  You like and comment on his posts and ideas.  Just like helping him with some landscaping or big chores around the house.  You are building a two-way relationship.

Once your invisible friend Mark TRUSTS that you will be showing up on a regular basis, SEES that you are speaking to him about things he cares about, and then he will start having a conversation WITH you and it will become a two-way conversation.  You’ll no longer be ‘giving’ Mark advice, but you’ll start having conversations about different ideas.  There will be a give and a take, and a lot of interactions.  THAT, my friends, is when you KNOW you’ve achieved Social Media Stardom!


Next Steps

  1. Post a comment below sharing your insight on one or more of these points.  What was new?  What do you do daily?  What was a surprise?  What did I miss?  I WANT to hear from you!  
  2. SHARE this post after you post a comment.  Start growing YOUR authority today!


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