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Radio interview with my draft of Lead Like a Muther . . . or is it Mother

Leaders are Readers . . . and Writers!

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” ~ Harry S. Truman

The average CEO reads 4-5 books a month, while the average employee reads none.  Top CEOs read over 60 books a year.  You are here because YOU want to know what top leaders are reading.  Check out my latest book reviews . . . and my latest book!  


Each time I complete a new book, I’ll be writing a book review.  If you aren’t a highlighting person, you can check the books out at the library and expand your knowledge for free.  I like to highlight my books though so I need a paper copy!

I Cheat at Meditation – Farzana Jaffer Jeraj

For the new year, I’m reading “I Cheat At Meditation” by Farzana Jaffer Jeraj.  It is available today (December 30, 2016) and hopefully for the entire month of January 2017 for just $1.99, and that includes audios, some webinars, etc.  (Her gift to me, I’m on her list, so my gift to you in sharing – good Karma!) 

Here’s my first blog post about it:

I Cheat at Meditation

I Cheat at Meditation


“Brain-doh” never dries up.

I sit in my oversized tub,  steaming so hot that only  the dragon queen from Game of Thrones and I can handle it. . . Bubbles threaten to spill over the side as I gasp for breath and almost choke to death on my Coke Zero in my wine glass.

You see, I went to MY zen place, my Shangri La, to start my new book – my bathtub.  I am DETERMINED to finally learn to meditate (Kinda not calm there, huh!).  So I’m trying to be Zen as I’m reading the book. Farzana isn’t what I expected in her book and I finally just lost it when she compared my brain to Playdoh! I laughed so hard my Coke Zero was coming out my nose! 

I had to stop right there and then to make this post. I LOVE this woman and I’m really loving her book. I can tell she ‘gets’ me and other people like me. People who FAIL at calming their mind and thinking of . . . nothing. (How is that even possible?).
Farzana assures me in her book that even ‘I’  can cheat at meditation and reap the rewards (once I learn how) in 60 seconds flat. 
I can’t really see how that’s possible right now, but I’ve met her, so I will believe her.
I’ll continue to share my insights as I read this book. It is a fast read, but I haven’t gotten to any of the assignments yet.  I’ll share my journey with this book with you. I think it’s going to turn out to be everything I ever hoped (prayed) someone would share with me.
Back to the book – the water isn’t even cooling yet . . .
PS – Great cover! I can splash water on it and it doesn’t get ruined!
PSS – if you LOVE reading like I do, did you know you could build a business doing book reviews?   And then you can meet wonderful people like Farzana! 


Millionaire by halftime:  How to Win with Network Marketing – Presley Swagerty


Millionaire by Halftime: How to Win with Network Marketing

Millionaire by Halftime: How to Win with Network Marketing

Right now I am reading Millionaire by halftime: How to Win with Network Marketing.  It was written by Presley Swagerty.  I just started Monday so I’m not very far into it yet, but I already have a ton of tweets I’m sending out!  

My millionaire friend and mentor gave me this book to read.  It starts out talking about how many Tuesdays you have left if you are 40 years old and you’ll likely live to be 78.  WOW!  That was pretty deep!  I started to think about what am I DOING with my Tuesdays.  Am I making them count?  It’s ironic that I’m writing this at 6:55 am on a Tuesday morning, isn’t it.

What will I do with this Tuesday?  I will finish up this page on my web site so that you can get to know me a little better, I will go work out while watching some training videos, and then I will start my day, and strive to make it THE BEST Tuesday ever!  What will you be doing today?  

 Influence | Robert B Cialdini, Ph.D

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion


I am also reading Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D, in a book club.  We are just in the second week.  In the first week, we learned a lot about the word “because”.  We read about how powerful it can be
if you ask to cut in line at the photocopier with the word “because.”  More people will let you cut in line if you use
that simple word that if you don’t.  And you don’t even
have to have a good reason.  You can say “because I have
to make copies.”  Well so does everyone else in line!  So far
I am REALLY enjoying this book.  I’m reading chapter 2 for this Thursday’s

I LOVE reading a business book with other leaders!  You get such a different view than when you simply read a book.

PS – Did you know that when you purchase a book on Amazon, you can sometimes get the e-book for just $2.99 to start reading right away!
I had to start the book as an e-book while I was waiting for it to be delivered!




As a speaker and trainer, I knew I needed to write a book, and like most of you, that seemed scary and daunting!  I happened to be going through a divorce at the time and I had joined a local group through a Meet Up.  It was called Financially Fit Females.  It was a mastermind of women learning about finances and getting their own finances in order.  It was perfect for me at that time in my life and . . . bonus . . . they were writing a book together!  I quickly jumped on to be one of the authors!


Leadership Skills for Parents

Lead Like a Muther, or it it Mother

That experience gave me a little confidence and I stepped out to write my very own book, from my personal experiences.  

I have been an intuitive leader.  Even as a teenager I was placed into leadership positions when I was teaching judo to school age children, or as the cashier at the local recreation center letting people into the pool and handing out basketballs and pool cues.  My first REAL job after I graduated from college put me into a leadership role just 30 days after I started, and all three people on my team were twice my age!  There was SOMETHING I was doing right to be placed into leadership positions without asking for it.

When I finally had children and started parenting, I realized what it was!  It was the parenting gene!  So much that we do as parents translates directly into the business environment.  From natural consequences to cheering them on when they are down, parenting, and leadership are two sides of the same coin.   

That’s why this book is called Lead Like a Muther — or is it Mother.   This book is currently in process and will be available soon . . .