Leslie Lane Peabody, the Ninja in High Heels, is a Vlogger, a Blogger, a Social Media

Social Media Ninja

The Ninja in High Heels

Ninja, and a band Mom with three teenage boys!  She KNOWS the importance of creating a business that works – even when YOU DON’T!  

Leslie helps you as small business owners leverage the POWER of the internet – using social media  – to make YOUR business work – FOR YOU!  She has used these techniques to walk into a network meeting where she knew almost no one, and five people already knew her name and what she does.  These techniques help YOU sell YOUR products and services!  

As a published co-author of “Financially Fit Females” and author of the forthcoming book “Lead Like a Mother — or is it Muther,” Leslie uses humor and ‘mutherhood’ to help you set and achieve YOUR business goals!

Leslie’s coaching business is geared toward entrepreneurs and Leslie helps you to dream bigger than you have ever dreamed before — and then helps you make those dreams a reality. Leslie has been coaching and systematizing business for more than 20 years.  Check out her available packages to put you on the road to growing your business!