5 Secrets of Successful People

5 Secrets of Successful People
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5 Secrets of Successful People


That’s how the article started.  And it is TRUE!  No matter who I know who is HUGELY successful, they all have the same 24 hours in a day that I have . . . or that you have . . . 

Are you SURE?  Because sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, I thought to myself. Some days I feel like there is too much work to get done in a single day. Which is usually true.  I push myself hard.  I work, I raise my children, I cook, I volunteer, I ‘business’ and I actually get more done that people I know who don’t work or have children.  I squeeze more in a day than some people do in a week.  Remember that old saying, 

How do I do it, though, and how do I get better at it?  I’d like to be MORE productive with my hours.  So I continued reading, and then researching, how to get more important things done.  


1.  Be FULLY Engaged and Focused

I’ll admit it.  I’m a woman, and I MULTI-TASK!  And I have to admit, it is NOT a great concept.  I FEEL like I’m getting more done, but in reality, I’m getting less done.  If I’m on a meeting or a call, I sometimes read my mail or respond to text messages.  Then I miss an important point.  I find that I have to go back and rewatch the training if I’m on it. Or even worse — ask them to repeat a question if I’m in a call!  Then I’ve wasted more than just my time – I’ve wasted the time of every person on that call.  If everyone on the call is a 6 figure earner, then each time we have to backtrack, I could be wasting hundreds, or even thousands of dollars of resources.  

So I find that when I’m PRESENT.  I’m fully engaged and focused in the task at hand, I spend less time on the redo, which, ultimately saves me time.  Yep. It’s true!  I spend LESS TIME trying to figure out what I was doing, and just DO the task at hand.  I spend BLOCKS of time doing certain things, and then those things are done for the day.  I block off periods of time for my MOST IMPORTANT things.

For instance, when it is time for me to blog, I turn off training, I don’t pop to other tabs on my computer (well, except to look up article for referencing my points, but I don’t watch viral cat videos).  If I find something I want to look at, I go to a new tab on my computer and leave that article there for AFTER I’m done writing my blog.  And because of this discipline, I find that I can get most blogs written within 30 minutes.  If I’m writing an EPIC blog, I do 30 minutes a day or so for each section.

If I’m cooking, it is pretty much the same thing, though I will often have some mindset audio going on in the background if I’m alone, or, if I’m lucky, have fun talking with my teenagers while I’m chopping!  I’ll cook six pounds of hamburger on a Saturday and have ground beef available for the next two weeks.  Cook once – eat multiple times.  I might be browning hamburger on the stove while I’m cooking bacon in the oven and onions and peppers in another pans.

But I DON’T – that’s worth repeat – I DON’T answer text message or write blogs or watch viral videos or anything else when I’m cooking.  I’ve ruined more food trying to do that!  So now I block cook for the week and just have to rewarm a meal in the oven. There is ALWAYS something in my freezer the kids can through in the oven (though typically they are too lazy for that!  They want 5 minute food!)

Some experts agree.  Humans are typically BAD at multi-tasking.

Think of your brain like a web browser.  The more tasks you have open, the more it slows down how quickly you get your pages open, your tasks to complete.  You KNOW EXACTLY what I mean.  And for God’s sake, do NOT stream more than one movie on your computer at one time!  Think of your brain like a web browser with all those windows open at once.  Pretty soon you can’t find the tab you are looking for because they are so small you can’t read them and you wind up clicking on 20 tabs before you find what you were looking for.  NOT a time saver!


2.  MEASURE what you want done

Measure?  What the heck does that mean?  How about TRACK YOUR PROGRESS?  Does that make more sense?    It doesn’t even have to be measured outside of YOU.  Think about this new Fitbit craze.  I FINALLY broke down and bought one.  I’ve been talking about it for month.  Because measuring myself to hit 10,000 steps will motivate me to do it.  That’s it!

Similar things happen in my business.  I decided to set a goal (30 e-mail a day) and measure myself against that short term goal.  My measurement in my online business is to get 30 leads (e-mails) per day.

3.  READ daily to improve themselves

Every truly successful person I know, or most that I’ve heard about, reads every day. 

  • Investing magnate Warren Buffet and 3rd wealthiest person in the WORLD (according to Forbes) read 600-1000 pages each day when he started his investment career.
  • Bill Gates, computer magnate and reportedly the richest man in the world reads one book a week. 
  • The co-founder of PayPal and a rocket company, Elon Musk, said in an interview he reads all the time, from an early age.  He even taught himself Rocket Science by reading!  

I don’t know about you, but when I discover that successful people are reading, and then becoming even MORE successful, then I’m reading too!  

But starting a daily reading habit is a little hard.  I started by listening to books on audio while I did other things.  But then I discovered that I missed so much not having the book to look at.  My multi-million friend and mentor told me to start a reading habit by reading 10 pages a day.  That really seems to work for me.  But what works even better is joining a book club.  Being accountable to others is REALLY making a difference.  This book club meets on Thursdays at 5 pm ET.  We always read a great business related book.  I encourage you to join us!    

4.  GET UP EARLY to have quiet time

Successful people are getting up early, 5 am early, like Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Air.  Most successful people like time for exercise and other personal time before they start their day.  Many of these busy executives get their work-out in before their employees are rolling out of bed.  And have caught up on critical e-mail or markets or planning before anyone else even starts thinking about working.  

5.  DONE is better than perfect!

Successful people get things DONE!  They don’t worry about perfection like some of us do.  Yes, they put quality into things, but they understand concepts like the Pareto Principle where just 20% of the work you do can create 80% of your success.  If we do the IMPORTANT parts of a project first, we could effectively not do any of the rest and still be successful.  Think about a blog, for instance.  If I have an hour today to spend on writing a blog, is it better if I spend an hour on the outline, or better if I really flesh out point number 1?   

In this 5 point blog, I could easily share a basic outline of these 5 steps to share my knowledge and insights with you, and you would probably get great value out of it.  But if I spent my first hour on point #1, and never got back around to completing points 2 – 5, you would feel cheated if you read this blog, not matter how ‘perfect’ point 1 turned out to be. You WANTED to know all 5 points.  

Just as if your bank took and extra $1,000.01 out of your account one day.  If your bank first started trying to track down the $.01 error and never got to the $1,000 error, you would care. But if the bank fixed the $1,000 error.  You probably wouldn’t care if they ever fixed the $.01 error.  So do the important part – the 20% that matters – FIRST.  Then if you have time you can make a better product, but it won’t affect you financially very much.

What Do You Think?

Do you think these are the secrets of successful people?  Maybe you have a different success habit you’d like to share?  Comment below and then share this post with people you care about . . . 

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8 Comments on “5 Secrets of Successful People

  1. Great post! Love all the tips/secrets! I like how you put lots of examples here mentioning real wealthy people! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback! I always appreciate when someone leaves me a comment. I hope the examples helped you learn more!

  2. These are great tips, Leslie. I especially like, Done is better than perfect. I sometimes try to be perfect but learning how to just do it and move on to the next task. Thanks for your insights. Much appreciated. :)

    • Right! I think many of us struggle with that one. I know I do! Hope that reading it helped you as much as writing it helped me!

    • Right! And even NON-perfectionists tend to procrastinate! lol!

  3. Leslie, you have to read the book The One Thing by Gary Keller; he says multitasking is one of the six big lies that we tell ourselves. Studies have shown that it is not very effective.

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