3 Simple Steps to Video Marketing GOLD!

3 Simple Steps to Video Marketing Gold
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3 Simple Steps to Video Marketing GOLD!

Do you ever have those nights . . . 

Those nights when it is  cold and snowy outside . . . 

And you don’t want to be tuning into training . . .
But you do anyway.

And when you do, did you wind up sad you did . . . 
Or glad you did?

I’m telling you, though I was wishing for a bubble bath and Netflix binge,
I was SOOOOOOO glad I listened in . . . 

It was SO GOOD, I’m going to pray for a replay.  
I can get THAT MUCH MORE out of what was shared tonight!  


Why Should You Care?

First, let me tell you why should you care about video marketing.  Because the man sharing it tonight sponsored 500 people in his business last month.

Did you read that right?

He sponsored 500 people in his business LAST MONTH!  


Yep.  Video marketing!  

Now I don’t know about you,
but when I sponsor 500 people into my business
in a single month, I will be,
as my Dad used to say, shitting in high cotton.

(What can I say . . It’s Poop Week!)

There is a reason this man is a multi-million dollar earner in our company.

He KNOWS what works.

And tonight he shared a little of that with us.

And I’m going to share this one part,

This SIMPLE part

With you . . . 



GRAB their attention!

You get the idea.  There are SO MANY videos out there.

Make YOURS memorable in some way.

Do the – unexpected! 

-  If everyone else’s video is done in their office, do yours outside. 
-  If everyone else’s video is ‘professional’, do something weird in yours.  Maybe do it in the dark, do it in black and white, do it upside down. use a sock puppet . . . what could you do that is DIFFERENT than all those things you’ve seen today.

You have 8 seconds to GRAB someone’s attention.

Use it well!



Give some type of value, in the form of a story, and keep it short.

Research is showing that videos
under 2 minutes
have the highest success rates.

What does it mean to give value
in the form of a story?

Think about the story I told about.
That Justin sponsored 500 people
into his company in a single month.
That’s the form of a story.
That’s telling what ACTUALLY happened
to someone.  Not just
“You can sponsor up to 500 people
in a single month”.

Not very compelling. . .

But . . .
Justin used these tips to sponsor
more than 500 people into his company . . .
in a single month . . .
on autopilot.

Now you probably care a little more
about what I have to say.


Step 3 – Call To Action

Tell them what to do next.
It is THAT simple!

Click the link below  (while pointing)
Send me a Facebook chat
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Tell them EXACTLY what to do.

People most often WILL do what you ask,
If it’s simple and doesn’t hurt them.

But if you don’t ask, 
If you figure that it is obvious
Most people won’t make that connection and do it.  


Your Next Steps

What YOU need to do right now
Is make a 2 minute video
Following these guidelines,

It’s that simple!  

I’ll give your video some love  . . .

And you’ll grow your marketing reputation.  

Go ahead . . . do it right now.  

I’ll wait.  




Awesome!  Now share this post 

People LOVE people who share cool information with them!

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