21 Day Sugar Detox

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21 Day Sugar Detox

If you are like me, you have chosen to improve your health and fitness this year.  But I didn’t want to do it just any old way.  I wanted to use REAL food, and not supplements, or shakes, or coffees, or teas.  I wanted to get back to FOOD, and not chemicals to improve my health.

I researched how to do that, and came across a program called the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  It used real foods, and low sugar, and looked easy to do.  I was hooked and decided to try it beginning January 2, 2017.

21 Day Sugar Detox Diary

Day – 4 | January 5, 2017 (In Progress)

1:30 am – I’m still up!  I’m PUMPED about these new blogs I’m doing.  But MAN!  I need to go to bed!

5:30 am – Man, I woke up with my alarm.  I seldom have to wait for the alarm to wake up.  I’m usually popping out of bed without it.  But, that’s what you get.  Good thing I have my 24 ounces of water by the bed!

7:00 am – Already have a headache!  Have back-to-back-to-back meetings so no time to even go downstairs and get the eggs out of the fridge.   Ate two cookies from the Christmas stash I had packed up to go downstairs to the kid.  This i probably a sleep headache.

9:45 am – FINALLY!  A break long enough to run downstairs and get some of those hard-boiled eggs for breakfast!

Day – 3 | January 4, 2017

Today (Wednesday) was a MUCH better day for me!

2:00 pm – Today, I started cooking much earlier in the day. I cleaned out my fridge so I got some things thrown out and am using some of the older stuff today.
– I baked a whole chicken with some onions, sweet potatoes and carrots (need to double check, make sure these are all okay!)
– I baked some chicken breasts that were ready to go back with some rice. No pictures! Mine turned out soupy and the cauliflower wasn’t done enough so I’m going to have to try this again. Kids didn’t complain though. Check out the recipe here:http://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/?s=chicken+and++riceIbreatheimhungry (LOVE her recipes. USUALLY they turn out for me. That’s the fault of the cook (me), and not the recipes – lol!)
– I roasted some brussel sprouts. I love the brussel sprouts! Didn’t watch them though so a little overdone.
– Bone soup in the crockpot – I can smell it from my bedroom. Another 12 hours or so and it will be ready. THAT will help my headaches I’m sure!
– Boiled 9 eggs so I have hard boiled eggs for quick grab and go food!

Erin Davy – I still don’t have my cookbook so I’m hoping these things are good.

RESULT: The results, however, were fine. I now have about 10 meals packed in my fridge that are ready to grab and go. Great for the entire family to eat healthy. The last time I made bone soup, the kids loved it too so I expect that to be a hit as well.

Tomorrow: More batch cooking! It snowed in Denver so I will be WFH again tomorrow. That meant I didn’t have to do all the planned cooking.

High Heel Wine Glass

High Heel Wine GlassHigh Heel Wine Glass

PS – This is a picture of a glass I got from my very good friend Michael and his wife Amy for Christmas. I REFUSED to let Coke Zero touch this glass! Only water and tea. So TODAY I will be able to use the glass. I made some iced tea with lemon that I’ll be drinking all day today. Thank you two! you not only gave me a beautiful glass, but you are helping me to a more fabulous and healthy body too!

PSS – SLEEP. I didn’t get enough so right now I have a HUGE headache. I was SO EXCITED about some blogs I was working on that I couldn’t stop! Finally forced myself to go to bed just after 1:30 am. Had to get up at 5:30 am for a class I teach. So I’m FEELING it today.

How did it go for you guys?

11:00 pm – Still up doing my blogs.  I’m so excited I can’t sleep.  And I’m hungry!  I decided to eat one of the pre-made meals.  That was a good choice.  Filled me up!  Still had diet soda and chocolate this evening, but it is getting less and less.

1:30 am – Still up.  Need to go to bed now!

Day – 2 | January 3, 2017

5:30 am – Yesterday was sort of bad, but I didn’t let that get me down. My plans didn’t work as expected. I had a set back. I’m back at it today. Had 24 ounces of water. Didn’t cook as I planned yesterday so I have hard boiled eggs I’ll take to work for breakfast and sauerkraut and spinach salad – I’ll dress it with oil and vinegar since I didn’t make my ranch dressing or mayo. No worries.

So today’s message is YOU can call “DO OVER” too. If you aren’t 100 % perfect, keep at it! Done is better than perfect, every time! The test of real success, is how many times you jump back on that bike when you fall down.

JUMP BACK ON THE BIKE. DO OVERS. You are not a failure when these things happen. YOU ARE ONE OF THE TOP 3% of SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE if you DO OVER and never quit working TOWARDS perfection. Most people quit when they mess up and give themselves negative self talk, instead of calling it a test and making adjustments to try again.

11:30 am – Lunch – I only had a chance to grab two hard boiled eggs for lunch.  I cut them and put salt and pepper on them.  YUM!

8:30 pm – Yep.  Another hard evening.  Ate the egg for lunch and planned to come home to cook.  But the blizzard is forecast so I ran to do errands after work.  Now I’m just getting home and I’m STARVING again.  Had pizza, soda, and chocolate again at night.  I’m not feeling great about that, but I am actually quite proud of myself for making it through most of the day.  Tomorrow I WFH so I plan to do lots of batch cooking!

Day – 1 | January 2, 2017

5:30 am – Day 1 and I’m ready!  Had my first bottle of water when I woke up at 5:30 am.  24 ounces down right away! Now I’m not hungry for that breakfast.  Teaching a class at 6 am today for the month of January as well so lots to do!  i LOVE being busy!

9:30 am – Have to leave the house for a meeting (okay date) and didn’t get a chance to eat, but I’m not hungry.  Going to go to Costco after tea.  This is a first date.  It won’t take long.  I’ll be back home cooking by noon!

3:00 pm – MAN!  Was I WRONG!  The first date tea went well so we talked FOREVER.  Didn’t even leave for Costco until like 1 pm or so.  Then Costco was a mad-house!    It was a Holiday so I didn’t have to go to work.  And neither did anyone else!  What was supposed to be a 30-minute Costco trip took over an hour!  Man!

3:30 pm – Got home to unpack groceries and prep cook and the kitchen was messy.  There were dishes in the sink.  The kids were scrubbing the floor (miracles never cease!).  I have a headache and my son is grumpy.  Shoved the food in the fridge, and went upstairs to drink Coke Zero and eat chocolate to kill this headache!

End of day evaluation:  I may not have met my goals today, but I made some HUGE progress towards what I wanted.

– 48 ounces of water

– tons of steps at the mall

– grocery shopping done


Prep – Day – 1 | January 1, 2017

I purchased the program last night so that today I could prepare.  I was greeted with a surprise!  I can’t find the meal plans online!  I’ll get the cookbook in a few days, but I was expecting a full meal plan.  Shows that I need to read more carefully!

In the meantime, I’m researching articles and found some great tips!

21 Day Sugar Detox Tips and Tricks

1 – Write your WHY on your blog

It is CRITICAL that you write down WHY you want to do this detox.  When the going gets tough, you’ll need to connect – emotionally – with this WHY.  If it doesn’t MOVE you emotionally, then you have more work to do.  They (don’t ask me who they are) say that ‘Your why should make you cry.”  I believe in that.  Getting motivated before you start something is pretty easy.  STAYING motivated, when you are hangry or tired is quite another.  You MUST have a strong enough why to make you stay the course in your weak moments.

To get to the TRUE emotional part of your why, complete this process:

Why do you want to do 21-Day Sugar Detox Program 

Me:  Because I want a healthier me.  Without unnecessary chemicals.  I want to be in the best shape of my life.  

That’s Great.  What will happen when you are in the best shape of your life?

Because I want to climb a 14er this year for my 52nd birthday with my kids.  I’ve never done one before.

That’s awesome!  What will happen when you climb that 14er with your kids?  

I’ll have a better, more active lifestyle which means a better relationship with my active kids.  I want to be able to keep up with them.  I’m 30 years older and I want to be with them.  That means either start playing video games, or take the active hiking route.  Right now I can’t even keep up with them for Christmas shopping at the mall.  Their legs are so much longer I have to run to keep up and then I’m out of breath.  

Ah.  We are getting somewhere now.  You can’t even keep up with them.  Tell me about that. You seem to have a fear there . . . 

Yes.  That’s true.  This last summer I spent time with my Mom’s cousins.  Her oldest cousin is 87 years old. He has an 83 year old wife.  Until last year, he taught driving to seniors.  We go out to dinners and the theater with them.  They do Zumba classes. Until last year, they used to dance often.  They go on cruises.  They have a LIFE at their age.

Compare that to his younger sister.  She is about 4 years younger and is essentially bed-ridden.  She lives in her bed watching TV.  She has to have a home-health aide come to her house every day to cook for her, bathe her, do basic daily chores for her.  She either can’t hear well, or her mind isn’t all there.  She doesn’t really participate in discussions.

In terms of quality of life, I don’t want to be in my 80s and bedridden.  I want to be out there hiking 14ers. I don’t want to be a burden to my kids, or anyone else either.  

I can see my lifestyle is more like my female cousin’s instead of my male cousin’s and so I need to make changes . . . NOW . . . if I want to change my outcome.  I saw where I would be in 30 years if I don’t make a change today.  

And how do you feel when you say that?  What is your body feeling right now?

Wow.  My body is feeling pain in my heart.  It really stresses me to think about what my life will be if I don’t make a change.  My eyes are stinging.  I’m about ready to cry.  I NEED to do this – for me!  

Does that make sense?  If you need help, I’ll do a free 15-minute phone call to talk through these issues with anyone who purchases the program from me and wants to commit.  Send an e-mail to me here: leslielane@kalatucloud.com

2 – Keep a daily food journal

Write down what you ate, when you ate, and how you were feeling before and after you ate.  For instance:

7:05 am – Bacon and Eggs with a spinach salad – no dressing. – I wasn’t really hungry but knew I needed to eat before I did my daily workout.  I felt satisfied but not stuffed when I went downstair to work out.  The bacon was AMAZING!  I used the bacon from Pete’s

Be sure to add if you had a hard-to-find ingredient, used a recipe, or anything else.

3 – Take pictures of every meal or snack 

Take pictures of all your food before you eat it!  Add it to your blog!  Not only will you post this on social media and your blog as part of your journey, it will help you track what you ate.  Be sure to include when you ate it, and it tasted, how it made you feel.  Where you found the ingredients, etc.


Purchase – Day – 2 | December 31, 2016

Today I decided that I HATE to do things alone.  I want to have fun while I am doing things. Last night, Erin and I decided to do this together, but why shouldn’t we invite more people to join us on our 21 Day Sugar Detox!

So here I am, D-Day (don’t you love it!  D-Day mean DETOX Day!  I’m SO FUNNY!) -2, and I’ve created a blog to document my journey.

I know that not only will a blog share my journey with you, and potentially inspire you, but it will keep ME motivated and on task.  I’ve discovered that about myself.  If I create programs that put me in a leadership position,  then I CRUSH my goals!  I invite you to do the same.  Create a blog to document YOUR journey, to keep you on task, and hey, you might even make a little money in the process!

Here’s your list for today.  (Don’t you like how you can print this out, put a check mark in the circle, and say SWOOSH! when you’ve completed an item!  Gets me all in the mood for success!)

Today’s To-Dos:

Decision – Day – 3 | December 30, 2016

I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2017.  I know I’m going to do the FitBit and FitStar to get more exercise in on a regular basis (shooting for 6 days a week, but I’ll be fine with 5 as well). 

Now what about my diet.  I can’t continue to survive on Coke Zero and Hershey’s Almond Bars!  I’m glad I already got the microwave popcorn out of my life last year and started eating real food.  But these two things have to go as well!

I see things all over that have supplements or teas or coffees or whatever.  But is that REALLY getting me healthier.  Skinnier is better for sure, but am I just putting DIFFERENT bad chemicals into my body instead of improve my health?  I remember when Phen-Fen was a thing.  A magic pill.  I’d rather figure out a way to do it with REAL food.

PS – OMG!  Reached out to my friend Erin Davy today.  Haven’t heard from her since this summer so I wanted to reconnect and say Happy New Year.  She is a foodie and personal chef.  I had seen a new year program on her page and wanted to ask about it.  But I discovered it had required supplements and I didn’t want to do that.  She asked me if I had ever heard of the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I hadn’t, so she shared it with me.  A 21-day program that uses REAL food!  PERFECT!  That is exactly what I’d been hoping (praying?) for!  Not only did I decide to do it right there, but Erin is going to do it with me!  So much more fun!

PSS – Isn’t it funny how life turns out that way!  When you MAKE A DECISION, things naturally fall into place!  I believe that MAKING A DECISION puts me in the right time, and suddenly, the right place just pops up!


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12 Comments on “21 Day Sugar Detox

  1. I never knew how much sugar was in so much stuff!!!!!!!!
    And i also didnt know how addicted to it I had become.
    I’ve been reducing my sugar for a long time now – It was actually pretty easy for me to just go cold turkey on soft drinks, I found it difficult to let go of sugar in my coffee & tea & also let go of my habit of snacking (which lately I have picked back up, so its time to let go of that again)
    Sounds like you’re committed to this detox leslie – you’ll kick its ass with a high heel ninja roundhouse kick!

    • Lol! LOVE the roundhouse kick! ha ha ha ha! It is what I need to get my body to where my mind wants to be.

  2. This is a fabulous way of taking a challenge on and being accountable through social media. Success towards a goal takes a full commitment and there is nothing more powerful than being accountable in front of the world. Thank you for sharing.

    • So true Kenny! Thanks for sharing your insight on this. It is full commitment for sure!

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