Create a business that works

– even when YOU don’t.


~ Leslie Lane Peabody


As I sat there in the hospital cafeteria at a huge round table, drinking lukewarm hot chocolate from the vending machines, I felt like a failure . . . 

I was sitting at the table with my two sisters, one from New York and one from the Colorado mountain town.  It was 1:00 am and Mom was in the hospital.  And we were DESPERATE to help her!

Mom had slowly been deteriorating.  Her mind was losing focus. She was doing unsafe things.  She finally got so bad, we took her to the hospital.  She got out and spent Christmas with us at the cabin.

You see, every year since my older children took her children away to Spain when they were little (OK – her husband was in the Navy and they went to live with him!) we started spending Christmas away from home in Estes Park.  It was great at first because we had something to do instead of focusing on the children so far away. (There was no Skype back then!)  

Eventually, they came home and I started having children on my own, and we continued the Tradition!   It was even better with children!  Santa would visit the cabins on Christmas Eve and bring the children presents – and sometimes the adults!  We LOVED it!

So Mom was well enough to leave the hospital and spend Christmas with us in Estes Park.  But three days later, she was back in the hospital again.  And this time it was WORSE!  She was making no sense!  We thought she had a later stage of Alzheimer’s. She was also suffering from kidney failure.

We didn’t think she would EVER be able to live alone again!!!

As we sat around that huge round table, the clock slowly ticked by. We played with our styrofoam cups and wondered to ourselves, and sometimes out loud.  What were we going to do?  I felt . . . trapped! I was the ONLY one who lived close to Mom.  I NEEDED to take care of her.  But I had a j-o-b and, while they gave me a lot of time off, I still had to have my butt in a seat to keep the j-o-b!  I felt like a COMPLETE FAILURE as a daughter.  I felt I had let down the woman who had spent her time raising me and my sisters and given us so much.  And NOW, when she needed me, I wasn’t free to take care of her! What was I going to do !?!?!?

And I had two children at home as well.  HOW was I going to care for my children, care for Mom, AND keep my job?  There was NO SOLUTION!  I was TRAPPED!  I was . . . devastated!

Well, modern day miracles really do happen and one happened to us here.  Mom was put on dialysis the next day for the kidney failure and that’s when the miracle happened!  When the dialysis was done, our Mom was back!  Well, not fully back, that took another two or three sessions, but she had most of her cognitive abilities back.  She was walking better.  She was MOM again!  

Today, she lives alone in the house I was born in.  She does dialysis three mornings each week for almost 4 hours each time, and she is living a vibrant and healthy life!  She has a little dog she named Roxie who she takes for walks, and my sons and I run up to see her most weekends to mow her lawn or do other chores, and just hang out with her.   She is doing AWESOME!

To this day, I remember the pain of that night.  The pain of feeling I had abandoned my Mom just when she needed me the most.  I remember the pain of feeling I didn’t love her enough because I didn’t have enough money to pay my bills without a job, and it was this very job that was stopping me from being able to care for her myself.   

I knew that long, scary night in the hospital that I had to find a solution.  I had to find a way that I could care for my Mom, from anywhere I needed to be.  I needed to find a way to create an income that would give me the Financial Freedom, the financial independence, to care for my Mom. The Time Freedom I had no idea even existed, but I KNEW I would find.  And the Place Freedom, so that I could earn that living even when I was at the doctor’s with her or at the hospital with her.  

It took me a few years to find the solution.  You see, I never even KNEW a world of financial freedom existed, much less how to go about creating it.  I had not idea you could make money without a j-o-b, unless you were born wealthy.  And NO idea that I would find a way to work where ever I could find an internet connection.  And now I have the solution that, with hard work on the front end, can create all three!

My friend and mentor David will tell you about it here . . .